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Branded Text Conversations Between Influencers

Branded Text Conversations Between Influencers

A SaaS influencer marketing tool for agencies, brands and publishers. Capture off-the-charts engagement with low production costs on a platform that’s easy for clients and their influencers.



Independent music company specializing in production, digital distribution, artist management and promotion of works by singer-songwriters. Founded in 2003 the 27 family has since grown to become a powerful group of artists, releasing over 35 singles, albums and EPs that vary in style, production and personality.

Youth Artist Agency

Youth Artist Agency

Artist management representing nine solo collections from the newest generation of globally recognized artists from around the globe. In 2019, The KidsBasel Pop-Up Museum showed at the former home of the Rubell Family Collection for an incredible show which saw record sales.


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CEO & Co-Founder @Tawkers | Singer-Songwriter-Producer | Former @apple | Serial entrepreneur with a passion for creativity, innovation, communication and execution | TEXTING Since 1992!

Blake Ian is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, technologist, meditator and relentless dreamer of dreams. Ian got his start in tech at Apple, before taking a role as CTO at a leading NYC/LA branding agency. There he launched a social media agency in 2009. In 2012, he used his keen understanding of both software and user behavior to launch his biggest effort to date: Tawkers, a fast-growing B2B conversation platform that marries texting & content creation as a powerful marketing tool for brands and publishers .

In 2003, Ian founded the music company 27 Productions to distribute his own work. Since then he signed on 6 artists for whose work he produces, co-writes and distributes. Whether it’s in his work as Tawkers CEO, his music, or advising on countless startups, Ian’s life is driven by the desire to create compelling, quality content. Everything he does is meant to start and spread a conversation that’s worth having. Ian, originally from New York, currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his dog, Bodhi Skywalker, his collection of guitars and ukuleles. 

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“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” ― Steve Jobs

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15+ years experience building websites and mobile applications for all industries.

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